Saturday, November 3, 2018


Vulnerability is tricky.

The strangest part about opening up to someone else is that you have no obligation to do so, but something propels us, nags at us until we do. We're social animals using communication and connection as a vehicle to self-validation.

We shout into each other and pray that the echo quells the loneliness inside; we risk the regret and the pain of rejection for a response that assures us that we are, in fact, just like everyone else.

But we forget so quickly, don't we? The waves of complacency and confidence break on the shore, a silent erosive process to independence. Understanding the tides, the push and pull, we grow.

There are some still searching though, still throwing out lifelines. They're trying to leverage that vulnerability to find peace. They're taking on that risk that we no longer see the value in because our feet are so firmly planted, buried in the sand.

Don't let them sink.